Tree Height Reduction In Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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5 stars.   

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Crown Tree Services.  A heavy bough came down on a windless night from a tree only a few feet from my front door.  I was concerned about the integrity of the tree and the potential harm to people and property should the tree or another bough come down.

Sam responded to my initial text within 10 minutes and was around to my house within the hour.  He carried out emergency work to make the tree safe, took away the debris and tidied up after he’d finished. 

We arranged for him to come back at a later date to carry out work to enhance the health and longevity of the tree, which he has now done.

As well as providing a professional service, Sam is also a personable guy who is easy to work with.
I highly recommend Crown Tree Services to others.

N.R. Bray, Co. Wicklow
Sam Brady

A partially windfallen Mulberry tree in a front garden driveway near Old Connaught in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

This tree needed emergency tree care to resolve the issue of a large fallen branch (or bough) blocking the driveway. The tree is a unique and ancient specimen tree in a poor state owing to years of improper pruning. The current owners of the tree are attached to it and the option of removal was dimissed in favour of reduction to a more appropriate height for its size, situation and condition.

Once the fallen bough was resolved, a follow up visit was made to reduce the remaining crown of the tree to a safer height, keeping in mind its close proximity to parked vehicles. The reduction was quite severe however was the only practical choice short of complete tree removal.

The outcome will be uncertain for some time however I am hopeful the tree will regenerate and can be maintained as a smaller stature fruiting Mulberry tree. This tree should be regularly inspected and reduced as required in order to keep its upper crown weight to a minimum, thus reducing risk of further stem failure owing to increased weight or in the event of a high wind load exerting force on its decayed trunk.

Following completion of the mulberry tree height reduction, and the emergency storm damage work, a front garden Cordyline tree was also dismantled to ground level and all material removed. Cordylines are often mistakenly called ‘palm trees’ due to their long pointed leaves that somewaht resemble the foliage and tropical feel of the palm tree.

Cordylines are notorious for resprouting from the stump base, which may not be a problem if your happy to be revisited by another Cordyline in the years to follow. For complete removal however, they often require additional measures to prevent regrowth such as stump grinding or excavation. Additional options include applying a herbicide such as glyphosate to the stump base however this particular approach is not one I personally advocate if it can be avoided.

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