Silver Birch Crown Restoration, Dun Laoghaire, D18, Ireland

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Thanks Sam for doing such a great job on “Simons’ Tree”. Once more you delivered way more than 100%. The trees in smallish back garden have a special sentimental as well as environmental value for me. You seem to understand that value when I talk to you about how I’d like them to look when you finish pruning. That’s rare. You always tidy up after you finish, without being asked and most important, the price is right for my pocket. Wishing you well from a really happy client.

SR, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin 18
Sam Brady

Betula pendula – Phase 2 of a multi-phased crown restoration and a moderately hard, balanced crown reduction of a silver birch tree which had been badly cut in the Glenageary area of Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

This small to medium sized silver birch tree had been cut back hard or ‘topped’ in the past. This led to the formation of fast growing, leggy lower branches which in time grew to support a comparatively dense upper crown.

Over time these tall thin branches developed into thicker boughs with the majority of foliar growth and weight located at the uppermost portion of the stems . One such bough appeared to have snapped at a lower point on the tree during a strong wind some years back.

The break was poorly situated lower down in the tree and as it wasn’t addressed for several years, a decay pocket and cavity subsequently developed, gradually worsening with time. Our concerns were raised over the current state of bough and tree stability.

The tree had several poorly formed bough unions and a lot of growth was overhanging the neighbours garden, the bole being situated quite close to the boundary wall. The overhanging growth was cut back to create space and improve light penetration to the neighbours side.

It is not an easy task to carry out a moderately hard crown reduction on a leggy birch whilst still preserving some sense of natural birch tree form. Yet, through careful pruning practices, a good result was achieved and all parties were satisfied.

In all likelihood this silver birch will continue to produce vigorous reactive regrowth and will require regular pruning to maintain its newly established smaller crown.

Despite having been made aware of elevated risk of failure due to cavity formation and upper crown weight, tree replacement or tree removal is not currently being considered as the tree is of great sentimental importance to the client.

Since the tree is relatively small with few targets of note in its immediate fall-zone, the risk element was deemed acceptable to the client and regular inspection and pruning as required is advised to lessen risk of the tree falling in high wind speeds.

If following future inspection, the risk of tree failure has increased or the rate of new growth renders maintenance impractical or unaffordable, the option of tree removal may become a necessary consideration for the client.

Regular inspections** of this tree  will be required to preemptively detect, correct and lessen risk of further issues as they arise whilst maintaining a reduced tree crown height and spread, better suited to this smaller suburban garden.

**Please note: If you are concerned about the health and condition of your tree in the context of hazard management and reduction of risk to people or property in the event of tree failure, you could consult with a surveying arborist who can examine your tree and draw up a report of their findings. A tree report may include a recommended schedule of works if any are deemed necessary. Tree surveying is a related service, please call me on 0851775500 and I will be happy to refer you to a surveying arborist that can help.

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