Hedge Cutting in Glenageary, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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G.M. Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire
Sam Brady

Regular maintenance hedge cutting of mixed hedges in a Glenageary garden, Co. Dublin.

These hedges included griselinia and privet (Ligustrum) and were quite tall and deep.  Note that reducing the overall height of hedges should take place during hedge cutting season which takes place from the 1st September until the 28th February.

The closed nesting period which runs from 1st March to 31st August is unsuitable for level or depth resets of most hedges since hedges like this provide habitat and shelter to birds during this period.  Similarly, removal or cutting down hedges and hedgerows should only be undertaken once the nesting season has elapsed. Regular trimming of annual growth may occur during the closed period as long as older structural growth which is likely to conceal active nests is not interfered with. Understanding how much material can be removed without interference to active nesting and potential nesting habitat is quite a balancing act. If possible you should try to select the most ethically driven and practiced arborists to undertake hedge trimming of annual growth during the closed period.

Additional work included apple tree pruning which took place in mid to late winter, the removal of a small yew tree, forsythia pruning, cutting back and removing some overgrown bamboo, and additional cutting back of mixed trees and shrubs. All branch material and other trimmings were cleared from the garden, shredded in the woodchipper and taken away.

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