Crown Reductions And Thinnings, Glenageary, D18, Ireland

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We have what might be called a mature garden containing some relatively large and some medium sized trees, also fruit trees and shrubs many of which have grown large over the year. Space constraints, impact on neighbours and the need to reduce excessive shade in areas of the garden mean that it needs attention every few years. Sam gives us that attention in a very professional and carefully considered way, striking a careful balance between the best interest of individual trees and plants and their impact within and beyond the garden. He listens attentively to our ideas about what we may think we want done, sometimes suggests alternative solutions or lets these develop through dialogue, and then proceeds, with consultation at points along the way, to an admirable result with minimal invasion into the surrounding areas. Recently we had to call him for a quite different purpose. Our young cat, Tommy, had been frightened and chased by an aggressive cat and, in panic, had managed to get to the very top of a 50ft high Macrocarpa. He could not get down and we had to leave him there overnight. When, the following morning, it was clear that he would not be able to get down we called Sam who came straight away and managed to reach the top of the tree. But there was no way in which he could catch Tommy, who could move around on the tree canopy, without his cooperation. Amazingly Sam managed to befriend and reassure him to the extent of getting him into a bag which he then carried down. And all of this was during an ongoing downpour of rain. 

J&D, Glenageary, D18
Sam Brady

Mixed crown reductions and crown thinnings of fig tree, dogwood, Podocarpus, bay trees…. and an impromptu cat rescue from a big Macrocarpa. Located in the Glenageary area, Dublin 18.

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